Release Notes - 2022

Biologit MLM-AI Release Notes Archive - 2022

MLM-AI (08-DEC-2022)


  • Search by article topics and keywords: The biologit MLM-AI database is now fully searchable by key terms and topics associated to abstract by the source publishers. This is now available for the PubMed and DOAJ data sources.

    • Article topics are also visible in Article Search results, and in the Article Review page.

  • Duplicate detector: Improved accuracy on duplicate detection by content: this feature now includes an additional check on title similarity to improve accuracy.


  • Fix: Tab navigation in article detail on certain cases was retrieving incorrect counters

  • Fix: Article detail asking users to save/discard changes when no changes were made

MLM-AI (24-NOV-2022)

New Features

  • NEW: Custom Workflows - users can now configure choice of screening decisions and how they are interpreted by MLM-AI via Custom workflows. This can be setup at system level or for individual monitors.


  • Session preferences: user selections of columns to display, highlighters and other screening settings are preserved

  • Search history: All search boxes now display recent searches in a drop down

  • Reloadable tabs: Clicking on a tag on Review Summary, Review Details or Article Details will refresh data.

  • Extracted country data in text or author affiliation now available in review exports (excel, csv).

  • Users are warned before leaving the review page when changes are made to decisions, reactions of highlights.

Bug Fixes

  • Attachment downloads on some browser versions not rendering PDF files correctly.

  • Reactions screen - unable to add reactions after editing highlights.

  • List of synonyms in Monitor configuration page is now sorted.

MLM-AI (24-OCT-2022)

New Features

  • NEW 🎉: Create your own queries using the MLM-AI database with the new Article Search feature, then use your queries to Create Monitors and begin screening your results with AI!

  • NEW: Dark Mode! MLM-AI now supports dark mode interface.

MLM-AI (11-OCT-2022)

New Features

  • NEW 🎉 : MLM-AI now has the ability to filter author's country of origin according to author affiliation. Learn more on Author Country of Origin.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Fix: Audit log tab now refreshes with latest data on click.

  • Fix: navigation issues when "Next Article on Submit" enabled

  • Enhancement: All product tours can be played together from the main login page.

  • Enhancement: Article detail tab now displays author affiliation and source database.

MLM-AI (16-SEP-2022)

  • NEW 🎉 : Product tours are now available! Click on the help icon and then "Take the tour" on any page where tours are available.

  • Fix: Disable clicking into a review when it is still in processing stage & results are not yet ready.

  • Fix: Improve color scheme of highlighters

MLM-AI (08-SEP-2022)

  • Enhancement: When saving screening decisions, users can now type into the drop down to narrow the available options:

  • Enhancement: Selecting Next Article on Submit using the settings toolbox will automatically move to the next article to screen after saving a decision.

MLM-AI (02-SEP-2022)

  • Enhancement: MLM-AI now informs users when a search period starts before the system's data start date.

  • Enhancement: The search function In the Review details page no accepts querying for QC status with decision:qc or nodecision:qc

  • Enhancement: the search function in the reports module now also searches for matches in report arguments.

  • Fix: article search corrects certain cases of malformed quoting

MLM-AI (15-AUG-2022)

MLM-AI 1.1 Launched! 🚀

A modern, faster and fully featured new interface to MLM-AI has been launched. Both 1.0 and 1.1 versions will remain available, with new features being added to the latest 1.1 going forward.

To access MLM-AI 1.1, users will now see a banner at the top menu bar:

By clicking the "Try it out" link, you will be redirected to the new login page, and can then update your bookmarks.

MLM-AI 1.1 has been fully validated and is now ready for service.

[Beta] Search the MLM-AI scientific database

It is now possible to directly search articles in the MLM-AI database. This functionality is currently in beta, and will receive further updates in coming releases.

System Settings

Administrators can now configure certain account-level settings for all users. Settings will be available from the

Bug Fixes

  • Monitor search from the UI now searches for keyword in monitor title, description or any defined product synonym.

MLM-AI (05-JUL-2022)


  • New: "Send to inbox" email feature now includes citation in Vancouver format.

  • FIX: Incorrect treatment of attachment upload/download functionality on binary files.


  • FIX: Display correct monitor schedule on monitor summary screen.

MLM-AI (14-JUN-2022)


  • FIX: Reviews can retrieve results outside of desired start-end periods, when searching by Publication Date.

  • New: Keyword search in Reviews Summary page now searches title, abstract and publication name.

  • New: Review uploads now supports EMBASE csv format.

AI Tags

  • Model released. Technical specification is available from FactSheet:

MLM-AI (01-JUN-2022)

Monitor settings


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