Batch Screening

Fast assessment and of abstracts meeting a given criteria

MLM-AI provides a second method for screening results "in batch". Use it for fast assessment of many articles at once according to a given criteria.

Batch Screening lets you add a single screening decision to a collection of selected articles at once. It is useful to quickly add decisions on results that are not likely to be relevant to your specific workflow, and to conduct faster QC tasks.

To screen abstracts in batch, select results first according to desired criteria:

The example below shows abstracts "In Queue" (pending screening), sorted by Animal/In Vitro tag:

  • Once abstracts are of the desired status and sort order, click "Batch Review"

  • The batch review screen will display abstracts following the same selection from the review details. In this screen, the title and abstract of selected articles are displayed

  • The checkbox beside each abstract indicates the article is part of a single batch review. A single screening decision can be saved for all selected abstracts

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