Batch Screening
Fast screening of candidate abstracts
In addition to the detail screening page, MLM-AI provides a second method for screening abstracts "in bulk". This is useful for fast screening articles that are not likely to be relevant for your specific workflow.
To screen abstracts in batch:
  • From the Review Details page, select the relevant status Tab, and sort abstracts by desired criteria.
The example below shows abstracts "In Queue" (pending screening), sorted by Animal/In Vitro tag:
  • Once abstracts are of the desired status and sort order, click "Batch Review" at the right.
  • The batch review screen will display abstracts following the same selection from the review details. In this screen, the title and abstract of selected articles are displayed.
  • The checkbox beside each abstract indicates the article is part of a single batch review. A single screening decision can be saved for all selected abstracts.
Multiple selected abstracts can be saved with same screening decision.
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