Review Details

Review contents and select abstracts for screening

The Review Details page lists articles retrieved according to the review's monitor definitions for the date range specified. In this page users can:

  • Check screening status for this review: abstracts in queue, pending author follow up, etc

  • Rank and filter abstracts to prioritize screening

  • Select a sample of results for quality control

  • Select and assign abstracts to a user for review or QC

A status pane indicating the review ID, date created, start-end dates, percentage of suspected adverse events, and status progress. Additional details on status of each abstract of the review are also provided.

Below the status pane, the full list of abstracts retrieved for the review is shown. Additional fields can be added with the Show selector and abstracts can be ranked via Sort By or filtered using the Search box.

The search box accepts both keywords and more complex queries. Learn more in Searching abstracts inside a Review.


To facilitate screening, abstracts are grouped by status in tabs, so you can quickly focus on the ones that need attention:

Tabs by screening status

  • In Queue: abstracts not yet screened

  • Reviewed: abstracts already screened (including articles automatically screened by MLM-AI)

  • Duplicates for abstracts pre-screened as duplicates of other abstracts

Optional tabs may appear depending on the contents of the review.

  • Non-English: abstracts whose language is not English and may require special follow-up

  • No Abstract: results where the citation contains only the article title

Additional tabs may appear if Work assignment feature is in use.

Screening Abstracts

From the Review Details page, abstracts can be selected for screening. The next step is to:

Tab, Filter, Sampling and Sorting Choices "Follow" User During Screening

Important: The selected tab, sort order and filters and sampling will be reflected at the article screening and batch screening pages.

To streamline the screening workflow, all user selections on this page will "follow" user on subsequent screening.

Example: User is performing abstract screening, and wishes to screen articles tagged as "Identifiable Patient":

The info bar will indicate selections:

Clicking into any article will lead user onto the screening page, where the selections will be indicated to the user:

The same behavior occurs when in Batch Review screen.

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