Release Notes

MLM-AI (29-MAY-2023)

  • Improved readability of filter descriptors: Clicking the filter icon in the Article Detail page shows user-friendly summary of selected filters.
  • Upload PubMed Email Alerts: MLM-AI now supports screening from PubMed email alerts in MEDLINE format by uploading from an email file (in eml format)
  • Reports: the Review Activity Report may fail on citations where main author affiliation has ambiguous country
  • Uploads: Embase uploads capture and present keywords and drug taxonomy from source file
  • Uploads: Dialog uploads now disambiguate main author affiliations
  • Exports: attachment details for fill text free/paid uploads now correctly displayed

MLM-AI (17-MAY-2023)

  • Text input on any field now clearly displays maximum allowed sizes when entering data:
  • In some cases the top-right counter in Review Details can double-count reviewed articles (does not affect tab behavior or data in reports)

MLM-AI (27-APR-2023)


  • Validation and Feedback on Article Search: The Article Search page has a new layout and more detailed validation feedback on user queries:
  • PubMed Mesh terms updates: PubMed will sometimes update the MeSH taxonomy associated with an article only after it is already published. To increase coverage, MLM-AI now makes this information available by re-scanning and updating article MeSH keywords periodically


  • The Article Search page was previously available only to users with "Administrator" privilege. It is now available to all users (creating Monitors from a query is still limited to administrators or users with "Monitor management" privilege)
  • Monitor exports to file not correctly exporting Query-based monitors
  • Searching an article ID sometimes retrieve multiple results (by string matching) instead of a single ID as expected

MLM-AI (14-APR-2023)


  • Review Validation: Better user experience when submitting On-Demand reviews. Users now get instant feedback on selected date range and how many hits the review is expected to return.
  • Exports from the Global View: It is now possible to export results from the Global View (Find Articles) view, using similar to export options available in Review and Article Details.


  • Copy/pasting a link from the browser tab works even if user is not authenticated: on accessing the link users are redirected to the login page, and immediately redirected to the target link if login is correct

MLM-AI (03-APR-2023)

New Features
  • With the new Find Articles view, users can select articles from different Review results (by monitor, or by date range across all monitors), and filter results by status, assignment, user and any other available criteria
Fixes and Enhancements
  • If a screening decision sets any citation to a "Pending" status in Completed review, the Review moves back to "In Progress" as it now awaits review completion. This can happen on workflows where, for example, an article requires additional work after QC. Learn more about the Review Lifecycle.

MLM-AI (13-MAR-2023)

New Features
  • Work Assignment - With new feature enabled, a team supervisor gets an opportunity to maintain an evenly balanced workload by splitting the screening activity between team members.
Fixes and Enhancements
  • Supported sources for Upload Review now support ingesting of authors' affiliations.
  • Fix: duplicate detection support for reviews using a mixture of upload and MLMAI results.

MLM-AI (13-FEB-2023)

New Features
  • E2B - Comprehensive support for capturing verbatim event data during screening and produce E2B files in R2 format. See the E2B configuration guide for more details on how to use this feature.
  • Retiring Reviews - in cases when a review is produced in error, an administrator can sideline it from any screening activity and reporting by setting its status to Retired.

MLM-AI (6-FEB-2023)

New Features
  • AI Model Selection: New setting that allows users to alter the version of AI Models that reviews use to infer.
  • AI Model Version JAN2023A_051: Newly trained and tuned models for MLM. This model uses more data that has been selected, labelled and annotated by biologit.
  • Upload Review process:
    • Reporter country is ingested from Adis to be used for territory-based searches.
    • Semicolon-separated data coming from Dialog is presented in a more user friendly format.

MLM-AI (27-JAN-2023)

New Features
  • Article Page Locking: Delivers better support for team-based screening activities where an article page remains locked for a user ensuring no two users update the same article at the same time.
  • Per-article download option: Data for individual articles (in Excel, E2B XML formats) can now be downloaded directly from the Article Detail page.
  • Better support for QC permissions: Only users assigned the "QC" role in a monitor will be able to update decisions from a different user.
    • A user can still update its own screening decisions as needed.

MLM-AI (23-JAN-2023)

This is a maintenance release delivering updates to our internal infrastructure and the following improvements:
  • Review Details Search box now supports searching decisions for a custom workflow with the decision: syntax.
  • Title check on DOI-based duplicates. As an extra verification measure, DOI-based duplicate articles are confirmed with an additional title similarity check.
  • Fix: Pending tab would not render correctly when saving a "Pending" decision using a custom workflow.

MLM-AI (16-JAN-2023)

  • Multi-Uploads Screen - Search results produced by external databases can now be imported in bulk saving time. Uploaded data is now validated up-front, clearly indicating the number of processed rows, and reporting validation errors as appropriate.
  • Duplicate Detection by DOI - Automated duplicate detection now supports DOI-based detection in addition to existing methods such as detection by content similarity and unique identifier. This enhancement helps detect duplicate articles published on different databases.
    • This feature is automatically enabled for all Monitors where duplicate detection is enabled.
    • Learn more at the Duplicate Detection page.
  • Duplicate Tab in Article Details - It is now easier to inspect the details of duplicate articles. A new "Duplicates" tab will appear on every article where a duplicate is found (according to the criteria outlined in the Duplicate Detection page)

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