Sign on and Navigation

To login to MLM-AI, enter the username and password provided to you by your administrator.

Once logged in, you can navigate via the launch page to relevant tabs via a left-hand menu. You can also access the biologit website, help pages and product tours from the landing page:

Getting Help

From any screen, click the help (?) icon to get access to in-app help content, linking to the product documentation.

Where available, you can also take a Tour for the respective page. Click on the help icon and then the "Take the Tour" button:

User Profile

The user profile menu appears when clicking the User icon (top right). From here users can:

  • Log out from the application (LOGOUT link)

  • View assigned permissions and monitors.

  • Update your password.

  • View MLM-AI release status and get access to the support desk.

Dark Mode

If you prefer, you can use the MLM-AI interface in dark mode:

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