Global settings affecting application behavior can be configured here.
MLM-AI administrators can customize application behavior by configuring global settings in the Settings page:
Permissions: Only MLM-AI administrators (ie. members of a team that grants the Administrator permission) have access to the Settings page.

Settings Categories

Settings are divided into categories:
Fixed values to appear in the E2B XML produced for a review
Allowed inboxes for communicating issues (See email article feature)
Regional settings
Time zone options


Settings will become effective once user logs off and back into the application.

The Workflow Tab

Within the Settings page, the Workflow tab shows the system's default screening workflow.
The default workflow is applied to all reviews where a custom workflow has not been defined in the monitor configuration. It can be configured from this tab, and is pre-populated with a standard ICSR (Individual Case Safety Report) screening workflow.
See Custom Workflows for more details of this functionality.