Article Screening
Screen, save decisions and annotations for an article.
In this page, users perform per-article screening and record decisions including:
  • Article decisions for ICSR, aggregate reporting and signal detection.
  • Any special situation or exclusion categories, according to the Monitor configuration.
  • Updates to the highlighted text captured from the abstract, to be used as information on the later stages of processing a case.
The Article screening page displays abstract details (title and contents) and a side bar with navigation, highlighting and input fields for recording decisions:
Tip: To make more room for abstracts at the screening page try collapsing the top and left menus. See the navigation help page for tips on how to do that.

AI Tags

To assist in screening any AI-derived tag associated with the abstract will be displayed next to the article title. Example:
Possible tags of interest:
  • Suspected adverse: article or full text may contain the description of an adverse event.
  • Suspected case: article of full text may describe a case (identifiable patients).
  • Special situation tags (elderly, pediatric, etc).
Visit the MLM-AI Concepts page to learn more about AI-based tags.

Highlighted Annotations

MLM-AI automatically annotates the abstract for patient information, special situations, medications, etc. You can toggle highlights on/off for these annotations to help screen abstracts quicker. The Highlighter menu controls which highlights are toggled, and a number are on by default:
  • Any identifiable patients immediately found in the abstract can be found with the patient highlighter:
Identifiable patients may also be found in the full text of the article (but not the abstract) depending on the type of study. The suspected case AI tag is used to predict such occurrences. See more details in MLM-AI Concepts
  • Sections of interest relate to passages in the abstract where adverse events descriptions are likely to be discussed.
  • Medications will highlight all medication mentioned in the abstract. You can optionally select the specific medications to highlight with the highlighter drop down:
  • The special situation highlighter will indicate any occurrence of terms related to special situations such as pregnancy, elderly or pediatric uses, occupational exposure, drug misuse, etc:

Editing Annotations

Users can modify the annotations presented by MLM-AI and save their changes, thus allowing this information to be used in later stages of the MLM process.
  • Select text with the mouse anywhere in the abstract will display the annotations pop-up.
  • Similarly, click on already highlighted text to remove or re-categorize the term.

Reviewing Changes

The Data tab summarizes captured terms by category.
  • Removing a term from this page will remove all the annotations for that term.
  • Clicking the Reset button restores the original annotations captured by MLM-AI.
The Data tab summarizes all annotations captured for the abstract.


Any changes will be saved together with the article decision when user clicks the Submit button.

Article Details

Additional information about the article such as authors, journal and publication date are available from the "Details" tab. This tab will also provide external links to the article and full text (if freely available).
Article details tab

Saving Decisions

Once screening is done, results can be saved by selecting appropriate values and clicking Submit. This will also save any changes to annotations.
The decision pane provides a number of options to suit your workflow:
  • The Serious Event, Aggregate Reporting and Safety Signal checkboxes to mark articles of interest for later reporting.
  • Select one or more special situations relevant to the abstract.
  • Select one or more categories (exclusions).
    • When the review decision is "Not ICSR", selecting at least one category is mandatory.
  • You can optionally add free text commenting on your decision.
Drop down values for categories and special situations are configurable. Learn more in the Monitor Configuration section.

The Audit Log

All decisions saved by users or automatically generated by MLM-AI will be timestamped and recorded in the article's audit log ("Audit Log" tab):
Audit Log tab in Abstract detail
Decisions can also be exported via the review export functionality for further reporting.