Uploading Review Data
Use MLM-AI to screen results of search results from PubMed or Embase.
In addition to configuring monitors that do automated searches from the MLM-AI database, it is also possible to upload your own search results based on custom search strategies. Currently, it is possible to upload results from:
  • PubMed, by exporting results in the nbib reference management format.
  • Embase, or any other source that supports exporting data using the RIS citation format.
Users with configured permissions can upload results of a data export from the "+ Add Review" window:
  • Select Upload as the review type.
  • Select the Monitor to associate the uploaded data to.
  • Enter the start and end dates. These should correspond to the period the search has run at the source system.
  • Select format and upload the file via the Choose file button.
Uploading results to MLM-AI
Once uploaded, a new review is created in the Processing tab, where it will be prepared by the system (AI tags, de-duplication and annotations) before being ready for review. You can monitor progress in the Processing tab.
When the review is ready it appears in the list of In Progress tab, as an Uploaded review, per the example below:

Exporting search results - Examples