Uploading Review Data

Use MLM-AI to screen results of search results from PubMed or Embase.
In addition to configuring monitors that do automated searches from the MLM-AI database, it is also possible to upload your own search results based on custom search strategies. Currently, it is possible to upload results from:
  • PubMed, by exporting results in the nbib reference management format.
  • Embase exports using the RIS citation manager format, or csv
  • EBSCO exports using the RIS citation manager format.
Users with configured permissions can upload results of a data export from the "+ Add Review" window:
  • Select Upload as the review type.
  • Select the Monitor to associate the uploaded data to.
  • Enter the start and end dates. These should correspond to the period the search has run at the source system.
  • Select format and upload the file via the Choose file button.

Exporting search results - Examples