Users, Teams and Permissions

Configure your users and how they will access MLM-AI

Users and Teams Management

In MLM-AI users are organized into teams and, according to their team assignment are given permissions to the application.
Administrators or users with User Management privileges (see below) can create, modify and deactivate users and teams in MLM-AI.
User management is performed from the Users tab in the User Management menu:
User management
In this page use the Create menu to add teams or users as needed.


In MLM-AI, teams are containers for permissions. Users are assigned teams who in turn gives access to the specific product functionality.
There are two ways users are granted permissions to MLM-AI functionality:
  • By being added to a team configured with one or more role-based permissions.
  • By being added to a team who is then assigned to a monitor.
Lets look at each of these in turn:

Role-based Permissions

Users are granted role-based permissions according to the teams they are added to. These permissions can be selected from the Teams configuration page:
The following permissions can be configured to a team:
Permissions granted
System Administrator
Full access to all of MLM-AI functionality.
User and team management
Create and modify teams and users.
Monitor management
Create and modify Monitors.
Reviews Supervisor (ALL monitors)
Can manipulate any reviews for any monitors: change status, submit, upload, add screening decisions.
Review upload (ANY assigned monitor)
Can create upload reviews for any assigned monitor.
Reports Management
Submit and schedule reports.
Review submit ad-hoc (ANY assigned monitor)
Can submit on demand reviews for any assigned monitor.
Data export (ANY assigned monitor)
Can export contents of reviews (Excel, etc) for external processing.
Work assignment
Ability to assign/unassign abstracts when the Work Assignment feature is enabled.
Making a team inactive will disable any permissions granted by this team.

Assign Teams to a Monitor

When a team is assigned to a Monitor, users in that team are granted access to review results from this Monitor, in order to complete screening activities.
This step is done in the Monitor screen, during Monitor configuration
Members of a team assigned to "Abstract Review" can:
  • Access to search and inspect contents of the review results
  • Save screening decisions when no decision yet exists (initial assessment), or update their own decision
  • Users in this role can not update screening decisions from another user (except when Work Assignment is enabled - see below)
Members of a team assigned "Quality Review" role can:
  • Access to search and inspect contents of the review results
  • Save screening decisions to any article, whether or not they have been updated previously by another user

Work Assignment Mode

When the Work Assignment feature is enabled, the permissions of a user may be extended so that the user can complete a review:
  • Ordinarily, a user in a team given the "Abstract Review" role is unable to update another user's decision.
  • However, if the user is directly assigned the abstract for work, the user is granted permission to update that article. This permission is only valid for as long the user is assigned the article.