Find Articles from Reviews

Flexible search of Reviews by decision, tags, reviewers and any other criteria

Many workflows require searching results across different monitors, larger time periods or using other specific criteria. For example:

  • Search for articles to do quality checks across a portfolio of many products

  • Review results initially flagged for signal processing

It is possible to achieve this from the Find Articles view, either from the Reviews page or from the main menu on the left:

In this page you can choose what reviews to select (by monitor, date period and status):

And what articles to select: by any criteria available in the Review Details page including assignment, sampling, decision, or open queries from the search box

The example below selected from all reviews between a date range, with decision status of "Confirmed ICSR":

Once results are ready, users can:

  • Navigate to the retrieved articles by clicking the article ID and complete screening

  • Alternatively, review results in batch mode by clicking Batch Review

  • Select multiple items and perform an assignment action

  • From the Download Icon, it is possible to export your query results directly from this page:

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