Custom Workflows

Customize screening decisions to suit your workflow


The standard workflow in Biologit MLM-AI supports ICSR screening with a number of common, predefined "pending" stages (full text, translation, author follow up). The default values are pre-defined in the Workflow tab in the Settings page:

Customizing Workflows

Screening workflows can be configured a follows:
  • Add as many screening decisions as needed
  • Each screening decision is made of:
    • A label, indicating the choice presented to users, and shown on reports.
    • A type, indicating how the system should behave for a particular screening decision.

System-Wide or Monitor-Specific Workflows

Workflow customizations are supported on two levels:
  • In the Settings tab: every new monitor will use the "default" workflow configured in the Workflow tab.
  • As part of the Monitor setup: affects only the specific monitor.

Decision Types

Decision types affect how MLM-AI handles the specific screening decision. The table below outlines how decision types work:
Reviewed - ICSR
Article considered screened and flagged as an ICSR
  • Appears in "Reviewed" tab.
  • Exported in E2B files.
Reviewed - Exclusion Required
Article considered screened; not flagged as ICSR
  • Appears in "Reviewed" tab.
  • Requires one or more exclusion categories when saving.
  • Not exported in E2B files.
Reviewed - Other
Article considered screened; not flagged as ICSR
  • Appears in "Reviewed" tab.
  • Not exported in E2B files.
Article pending further action in order to complete screening
  • Appears in "Pending" tab


In the below example, the workflow does not require screening for ICSR (Individual Case Safety Reports) and can therefore be simplified. We configure a sample monitor with the following workflow:
  • A single "Pending" decision (Pending further information)
  • "Valid for Signal" - this decision indicates the article has been reviewed, no further action needed
  • "Not relevant" - this decision the article has been reviewed and will require at least one exclusion to justify the decision.
Reviews for this monitor will present users with the following screening choices: