Generate audit and screening activity reports for all your needs
biologit MLM-AI supports extensive reporting of screening actions and system activity from its audit log.
The reporting module is accessible from the Reports link from the main menu:
Reports access: To have access to reports users must be Administrators or be part of a team with the Reports management system privileges. Learn more on the Permissions section.
To submit a new report:
  • Click on Submit Report button on top right.
  • Reports are grouped into categories. Select category and report to run (see table below)
  • Enter any report parameters as appropriate.
  • Select delivery settings:
    • Reports can be automatically sent by email to the requesting user or to a team.
    • Alternatively reports will be available for download from the user interface.
Reports Submission Form

Available Reports

System Activity Log
Timestamped report of system actions (configuration changes, report submissions) from the audit trail, for a given time period.
Failed Logins
Reports on failed login attempts for a given time period.
Screening Activity
Monitor review activity
Complete log of screening activities for a given monitor and time period (including screening decisions performed automatically by MLM-AI)
Screening Activity
Screening allocation Report
Reports what users and teams are mapped to what monitors for screening and QC activities.
Screening Activity
Monitor summary report
Summary status of all reviews for a given monitor and time period.
System Configuration
Export of all Monitor definitions.
System Configuration
Users and Teams
Export of all configured users and corresponding teams
Data Archiving
Archive completed reviews
Moves all reviews in Completed status to Archived, for a given monitor and minimum review age.

Report Results

After submission, reports are queued for processing and will become available in the Completed tab once done.
Reports can be sent by email or alternatively downloaded from the Completed tab via the links indicated below. Report execution logs can also be downloaded.