Check reviews in progress, completed or planned to run; Download review results for further processing.
In MLM-AI, product searches are configured by a Monitor, and Reviews are the results of running the search for a monitor for a date period.
To learn more about Monitors, see the Concepts Guide.
Navigate to the Review Summary page to see a summary list of reviews in progress and recently completed. This screen allows users rank and select the next review to work on.
Review Summary


It is possible to filter reviews according to keywords, and sort by a number of criteria. It is also possible to select optional summary fields to be shown in the reviews list. Example:
Adding terms to the search box matches the Monitor title field. The search box also accepts more specific queries using a mini-language. Examples:
monitor:paracetamol start:jun
Matches all results with "paracetamol" in monitor title and start date of June
rundate:july 2021
Matches all results with run date of July 2021
start:jun 2021 end:sep 2021
Matches all results with results start date between June 2021 and September 2021.

Tiles View

Selecting the grid option in View Mode presents reviews as tiles, including a progress bar for screening activities:
Tiled view mode.
Clicking on the review title leads to the Review Detail page.

The Processing Tab

The Processing tab shows the status of not yet completed reviews. These can be manually submitted reviews still being processed (see On Demand reviews below) or scheduled by the system. If, for example, you have active scheduled monitors that run weekly, you will see results for the following week in progress and their respective ETA:
Processing tab shows scheduled reviews.

Submitting Reviews On Demand

Privileged users can submit any active monitor as on-demand.
  • Click the Add Review button to configure your submission.
  • Select desired monitor, start and end dates for the review.
  • Click Confirm to submit.
Once submitted, the review will be queued for processing and progress can be monitored in the Processing tab.
For on-demand reviews, the following restrictions apply:
  • The start date can not be older than 90 days from today.
  • The maximum range between start and end dates can not exceed 30 days.

Downloading Reviews

At any point, reviews can be downloaded locally for manipulation as spreadsheets or other processing. This happens from the Summary page:
  • Select reviews you wish to download by checking the checkbox beside the review title.
  • Go to Actions and move the mouse to the download icon
  • Select the file format to download from the options available.