Dashboards (beta)

Analyze data screened in MLM-AI with powerful dashboards

In addition to statistics available in the Review Details page, biologit MLM-AI provides an opportunity to see aggregated data on the usage of the system.

Visualizations are available from the Dashboards link from the main menu:

Access: Dashboards view is available to Administrators and members of teams with Monitor management privileges. Depending on a dashboard, a user might also need Reviews and Reports management access. More details could be found under the Permissions section.

Below are the steps required to fill a dashboard with data:

  • Choose a target dashboard and click on a blue filter button

  • Fill in the parameters, like start and end date, monitor, etc.

  • Click Find. Once data is retrieved, it will show up on the dashboard

  • Graph view could be disabled (enabled) by clicking on the graph button, and table view could be enabled (disabled) by clicking on the table button

Available dashboards

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