Author Country of Origin

On cases where literature screening is conducted for a specific territory, it is desirable to filter articles according to the country of origin. The country of origin is typically determined by verifying the country of affiliation of the article's authors, or just the primary (first) author.

Biologit MLM-AI supports this workflow by detecting author's country of affiliation where this information is available.

How Much Can be Filtered by Country of Origin?

Results will vary depending on databases being used in the search. In general, PubMed has better affiliation coverage and you can expect more articles to be filtered from this source.

Based on our experimental results:

  • When searching only PubMed as source, country of affiliation can be identified (and therefore filtered) in over 80% of results

  • When searching all sources, country of affiliation can be detected in 18% of results

We are constantly making improvements to affiliation data and our detection algorithms to improve coverage.

Filtering by Country Of Origin

Author country of affiliation can be filtered with the mainauthor and anyauthor filters.

For example:

  • mainauthor:us

    • Includes articles where the main author's affiliation is the US

    • Includes any articles unable to detect country of affiliation

    • Excludes articles where author affiliation is not from the US

  • anyauthor:us

    • Includes articles where the affiliation of any author is from the US

    • Includes articles unable to match affiliation country

    • Excludes articles that contain affiliation and where no author is from the US

The article main author is always the first author listed

In the Review Details screen, select the "Countries in Authors" column to see detected countries of affiliation:

Each author's affiliation is also visible in the details tab:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does affiliation detection work?

MLM-AI will determine the country according to mentions of any countries, nationalities, cities or regions from the author affiliation metadata.

Who is the primary author

The primary author is always the first author listed.

What happens when affiliation is not known

In some cases, author affiliation data is not present. MLM-AI will not filter such articles and leave up to users to make the determination on the country of origin.

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